Wallaroo SDK Upload Tutorials: Tensorflow

How to upload different Tensorflow models to Wallaroo.

The following tutorials cover how to upload sample Tensorflow models.

Web Sitehttps://www.tensorflow.org/
Supported Librariestensorflow==2.9.3
FrameworkFramework.TENSORFLOW aka tensorflow
Supported File TypesSavedModel format as .zip file

TensorFlow File Format

TensorFlow models are .zip file of the SavedModel format. For example, the Aloha sample TensorFlow model is stored in the directory alohacnnlstm:

├── saved_model.pb
└── variables
    ├── variables.data-00000-of-00002
    ├── variables.data-00001-of-00002
    └── variables.index

This is compressed into the .zip file alohacnnlstm.zip with the following command:

zip -r alohacnnlstm.zip alohacnnlstm/

ML models that meet the Tensorflow and SavedModel format will run as Wallaroo Native runtimes by default.

See the SavedModel guide for full details.

Wallaroo SDK Upload Tutorial: Tensorflow Aloha

How to upload the Tensorflow Aloha model to Wallaroo