Inference URL Tutorial

How to use Internal and External Inference URLs to perform inferences through the Wallaroo SDK on deployed pipelines.

Wallaroo inferences URLs are provided to allow users to submit inference requests through an HTTP API request. Internal URls are enabled by default when a pipeline is deployed. External URLs are enabled by Wallaroo admins through configuration changes through the Wallaroo Administrative Dashboard or other Kubernetes options.

Two tutorials are provided:

  • Internal Pipeline Inference URL Tutorial: Shows how to use the Internal inference URL for a deployed pipeline.
  • External Pipeline Inference URL Tutorial: Demonstrates how to set the configuration options to enable the External Pipeline Inference URl, and how to perform sample API commands through the interface.

Internal Pipeline Inference URL Tutorial

How to set up a pipeline for deployment and use the internal inference URL.

External Inference URL Guide

How to set the admin configurations to enable the external inference URL for deployed Wallaroo pipelines, and perform inferences through them.