Wallaroo SDK Upload Tutorials: Pytorch

How to upload different Pytorch models to Wallaroo.

The following tutorials cover how to upload sample Pytorch models.

Web Sitehttps://pytorch.org/
Supported Libraries
  • torch==1.13.1
  • torchvision==0.14.1
FrameworkFramework.PYTORCH aka pytorch
Supported File Typespt ot pth in TorchScript format
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The PyTorch model must be in TorchScript format. scripting (i.e. torch.jit.script() is always recommended over tracing (i.e. torch.jit.trace()). From the PyTorch documentation: “Scripting preserves dynamic control flow and is valid for inputs of different sizes.” For more details, see TorchScript-based ONNX Exporter: Tracing vs Scripting.

During the model upload process, the Wallaroo instance will attempt to convert the model to a Native Wallaroo Runtime. If unsuccessful based , it will create a Wallaroo Containerized Runtime for the model. See the model deployment section for details on how to configure pipeline resources based on the model’s runtime.

  • IMPORTANT CONFIGURATION NOTE: For PyTorch input schemas, the floats must be pyarrow.float32() for the PyTorch model to be converted to the Native Wallaroo Runtime during the upload process.

Wallaroo SDK Upload Tutorial: Pytorch Single IO

How to upload a Pytorch model with single input/output to Wallaroo

Wallaroo SDK Upload Tutorial: Pytorch Multiple IO

How to upload a Pytorch model with Multiple input/output to Wallaroo