Wallaroo Tutorials

Wallaroo Tutorials

Welcome to Wallaroo! Whether you’re using our free Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition, these Quick Start Guides are made to help learn how to deploy your ML Models with Wallaroo. Each of these guides includes a Jupyter Notebook with the documentation, code, and sample data that you can download and run wherever you have Wallaroo installed.

Setting Up Wallaroo for Sample Pipelines and Models

How to get Wallaroo running for your sample models

Model Cookbooks

Sample model deployment tutorials for Wallaroo

Wallaroo Features Tutorials

Tutorials on Wallaroo features.

Using Jupyter Notebooks in Production

How to go from Jupyter Notebooks to Production Systems

Model Conversion Tutorials

How to convert ML models into a Wallaroo compatible format.

Model Validation and Testing in Wallaroo

Tutorials on using Wallaroo for model testing and validation.

Wallaroo Tools Tutorials

Tutorials on additional Wallaroo tools.