How to Update Authentication Token Timeouts

How to update the timeout for authentication tokens for the Wallaroo Administrative Service.

By default, the authentication credentials to connect to a Wallaroo Ops center timeout after 1 hour for MLOps API connections, and 1 minute for Wallaroo SDK connections.

The timeout for these token is adjusted through the Wallaroo Administrative Service.

Configure Token Timeouts

To update the authentication token timeout period:

  1. Login into the Wallaroo Administrative Service with a user account with the role admin.

  2. Select Clients from the left navigation panel.

  3. Select one of the following clients:

    1. api-client: The client used for MLOps API connections.
    2. sdk-client: The client used for Wallaroo SDK connections.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.

  5. Scroll down to Advanced Settings.

    Set Access Token Lifespan
  6. Set the Access Token Lifespan to the desired token lifespan.

  7. Select Save when complete.