Install Wallaroo with Minimum Services

How to install Wallaroo with disabled services for lower core environments

The following system requirements are required for the minimum settings for running Wallaroo in a Kubernetes cloud cluster.

The following system requirements are required for the minimum settings for running Wallaroo in a Kubernetes cloud cluster.

  • Minimum number of nodes: 4
  • Minimum Number of CPU Cores: 8
  • Minimum RAM per node: 16 GB
  • Minimum Storage: A total of 625 GB of storage will be allocated for the entire cluster based on 5 users with up to four pipelines with five steps per pipeline, with 50 GB allocated per node, including 50 GB specifically for the Jupyter Hub service. Enterprise users who deploy additional pipelines will require an additional 50 GB of storage per lab node deployed.

Wallaroo recommends at least 16 cores total to enable all services. At less than 16 cores, services will have to be disabled to allow basic functionality as detailed in this table.

Note that even when disabling these services, Wallaroo performance may be impacted by the models, pipelines, and data used. The greater the size of the models and steps in a pipeline, the more resources will be required for Wallaroo to operate efficiently. Pipeline resources are set by the pipeline configuration to control how many resources are allocated from the cluster to maintain peak effectiveness for other Wallaroo services. See the following guides for more details.

Cluster Size 8 core16 core32 coreDescription
Inference The Wallaroo inference engine that performs inference requests from deployed pipelines.
Dashboard The graphics user interface for configuring workspaces, deploying pipelines, tracking metrics, and other uses.
Jupyter HUB/LabThe JupyterHub service for running Python scripts, JupyterNotebooks, and other related tasks within the Wallaroo instance.
Single Lab
Multiple Labs
PrometheusUsed for collecting and reporting on metrics. Typical metrics are values such as CPU utilization and memory usage.
Model Validation 
Dashboard Graphs 
PlateauA Wallaroo developed service for storing inference logs at high speed. This is not a long term service; organizations are encouraged to store logs in long term solutions if required.
Model Insights 
Python API 
Model ConversionConverts models into a native runtime for use with the Wallaroo inference engine.

To install Wallaroo with minimum services, a configuration file will be used as parts of the kots based installation. For full details on the Wallaroo installation process, see the Wallaroo Install Guides.

Wallaroo Installation with less than 16 Cores

To install Wallaroo with less than 16 cores and 8 cores or greater, the following services must be disabled:

  • Model Conversion
  • Model Insights
  • Plateau

The following configuration settings can be used at the installation procedure to disable these services.

kind: ConfigValues
  name: wallaroo
      value: "1"
      value: "0"
      value: "1"
      value: "0"

The configuration file can be applied via the --config-values={CONFIG YAML FILE} option. For example:

kubectl kots install "wallaroo/ce" \
-n wallaroo \ 
  • A sample yaml file with the configuration values is retrieved via the kots get config command. See Replicated get config for more details.