Wallaroo Enterprise Detailed Installation Guides

These guides are targeted towards system administrators and data scientists who want to work with the easiest, fastest, and comprehensive method of running your own machine learning models.

The following guides are based on installing Wallaroo in an Kubernetes environment via kots or helm.

A typical installation of Wallaroo follows this process:

StepDescription   Average Setup Time   
Setup EnvironmentCreate an environment that meets the Wallaroo prerequisites30 minutes
Install WallarooInstall Wallaroo into a prepared environment15 minutes
Configure WallarooUpdate Wallaroo with required post-install configurations.Variable

Some knowledge of the following will be useful in working with this guide:

  • Working knowledge of Linux distributions, particularly Ubuntu.
  • A cloud provider including Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure experience.
    • Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) is supported as a beta. Please contact your Wallaroo support representative for more details.
  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes, mainly kubectl and kots or helm.

For more information, Contact Us for additional details.

The following software or runtimes are required for Wallaroo 2024.1. Most are automatically available through the supported cloud providers.

Software or RuntimeDescriptionMinimum Supported VersionPreferred Version(s)
KubernetesCluster deployment management1.231.29
containerdContainer Management1.
kubectlKubernetes administrative console application1.291.29

Custom Configurations

Wallaroo can be configured with custom installations depending on your organization’s needs. The following options are available: