Wallaroo Enterprise Install Guides

How to set up Wallaroo Enterprise

This guide is targeted towards system administrators and data scientists who want to work with the easiest, fastest, and free method of running your own machine learning models.

A typical installation of Wallaroo follows this process:

Step Description    Average Setup Time   
Setup Environment Create an environment that meets the Wallaroo prerequisites 30 minutes
Current Step:Install Wallaroo Install Wallaroo into a prepared environment 15 minutes
Configure Wallaroo Update Wallaroo post-install Variable

Some knowledge of the following will be useful in working with this guide:

  • Working knowledge of Linux distributions, particularly Ubuntu.
  • Either Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure experience. For more information, see the Wallaroo Enterprise Environment Setup Guides guides.
  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes, mainly kubectl and kots.

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