Wallaroo Operations Guide

Reference material for Wallaroo users and system administrators.

The Wallaroo Operations Guide is made to help users and system administrators with their Wallaroo instance. The guides are broken down into the following format:

Some other resources you may find useful:

  • Wallaroo Developer Guides: The SDK commands that you’ll use to work with everything Wallaroo can do for you.
  • Wallaroo Tutorials: A set of tutorials that can be used directly with the Jupyter Hub service built into Wallaroo.

Wallaroo Install Guides

How to set up Wallaroo in the minimum number of steps

Wallaroo General Guide

How to perform the most common tasks in Wallaroo

Wallaroo User Management

How to manage new and existing users in your Wallaroo environment.

Wallaroo Workspace Management Guide

How to manage your Wallaroo Workspaces

Wallaroo Model Management

How to manage your Wallaroo models

Wallaroo Pipeline Management

How to manage your Wallaroo pipelines

Wallaroo Monitoring Management

How to manage your Wallaroo performance.

Wallaroo Configuration Guide

How to configure Wallaroo

Wallaroo Backup and Restore Guides

How to backup Wallaroo data and restore it.

Wallaroo ML Workload Orchestration Management

How to use Wallaroo ML Workload Orchestrations