Wallaroo Inference Server Tutorial: Llama2

A demonstration of using the Hugging Face Summarization model with Wallaroo Inference Server.

The following tutorial is available on the Wallaroo Github Repository.

Wallaroo Inference Server: Hugging Face Summarizer

This notebook is used in conjunction with the Wallaroo Inference Server Free Edition for LLama 2. This provides a free license for performing inferences through the Hugging Face Summarizer model. For more information, see the Llama 2 reference page.


  • A deployed Wallaroo Inference Server Free Edition with one of the following options:
    • Wallaroo.AI Llama Inference Server - GPU
  • Access via port 8080 to the Wallaroo Inference Server Free Edition.

Llama 2 Model Schemas


The Llama 2 Model takes the following inputs.

textString (Required)The prompt for the llama model.


generated_textStringThe generated text output.

Wallaroo Inference Server API Endpoints

The following HTTPS API endpoints are available for Wallaroo Inference Server.

Pipelines Endpoint

  • Endpoint: HTTPS GET /pipelines
  • Returns:
    • List of pipelines with the following fields.
      • id (String): The name of the pipeline.
      • status (String): The pipeline status. Running indicates the pipeline is available for inferences.

Pipeline Endpoint Example

The following demonstrates using curl to retrieve the Pipelines endpoint. Replace the HOSTNAME with the address of your Wallaroo Inference Server.

!curl HOSTNAME:8080/pipelines

Models Endpoint

  • Endpoint: GET /models
  • Returns:
    • List of models with the following fields.
      • name (String): The name of the model.
      • sha (String): The sha hash of the model.
      • status (String): The model status. Running indicates the models is available for inferences.
      • version (String): The model version in UUID format.

Models Endpoint Example

The following demonstrates using curl to retrieve the Models endpoint. Replace the HOSTNAME with the address of your Wallaroo Inference Server.

!curl HOSTNAME:8080/models

Inference Endpoint

The following inference endpoint is available from the Wallaroo Server for HuggingFace Summarizer.

  • Endpoint: HTTPS POST /pipelines/hf-summarizer-standard
  • Headers:
    • Content-Type: application/vnd.apache.arrow.file: For Apache Arrow tables.
    • Content-Type: application/json; format=pandas-records: For pandas DataFrame in record format.
  • Input Parameters: DataFrame in /pipelines/hf-summarizer-standard OR Apache Arrow table in application/vnd.apache.arrow.file with the following inputs:
    • text (String Required): The text prompt.
  • Returns:
    • Headers
      • Content-Type: application/json; format=pandas-records: pandas DataFrame in record format.
    • Data
      • check_failures (List[Integer]): Whether any validation checks were triggered. For more information, see Wallaroo SDK Essentials Guide: Pipeline Management: Anomaly Testing.
      • elapsed (List[Integer]): A list of time in nanoseconds for:
      • [0] The time to serialize the input.
      • [1…n] How long each step took.
      • model_name (String): The name of the model used.
      • model_version (String): The version of the model in UUID format.
      • original_data: The original input data. Returns null if the input may be too long for a proper return.
      • outputs (List): The outputs of the inference result separated by data type.
      • String: The string outputs for the inference.
        • data (List[String]): The generated text from the prompt.
          • dim (List[Integer]): The dimension shape returned, always returned as [1,1] for this model deployment.
          • v (Integer): The vector shape of the data, always returned as 1 for this mnodel deployment.
      • pipeline_name (String): The name of the pipeline.
      • shadow_data: Any shadow deployed data inferences in the same format as outputs.
      • time (Integer): The time since UNIX epoch.

Inference Endpoint Example

The following example performs an inference using the pandas record input ./data/test_summarization.df.json with a text string to summarize.

!curl -X POST HOSTNAME:8080/pipelines/llama \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json; format=pandas-records" \
    -d '[{"text":"What is a number that can divide 0 evenly?"}]'