class Comment(wallaroo.object.Object):

Comment that may be attached to models and pipelines.

Comment( client: Optional[wallaroo.client.Client], data: Dict[str, Any], standalone=False)

Base constructor.

Each object requires:

  • a GraphQL client - in order to fill its missing members dynamically
  • an initial data blob - typically from unserialized JSON, contains at
  • least the data for required members (typically the object's primary key) and optionally other data members.
def id(self) -> int:
def user_id(*args, **kwargs):
def message(*args, **kwargs):
def updated_at(*args, **kwargs):
def list_model_versions(self) -> List[wallaroo.model_version.ModelVersion]:

Lists the models this comment is on.

def list_pipelines(self) -> List[wallaroo.pipeline.Pipeline]:

Lists the models this comment is on.

def add_to_model(self, model_pk_id: int):
def remove_from_model(self, model_id: int):
def add_to_pipeline(self, pipeline_id: int):
def remove_from_pipeline(self, pipeline_pk_id: int):