Wallaroo SDK Essentials Guide: User Management

How to create and manage Wallaroo Users through the Wallaroo SDK

Managing Workspace Users

Users are managed via their email address, and can be assigned to a workspace as either the owner or a user.

List All Users

list_users() returns an array of all users registered in the connected Wallaroo platform with the following values:

idStringThe unique identifier for the user.
emailStringThe unique email identifier for the user.
usernameStringThe unique username of the user.

For example, listing all users in the Wallaroo connection returns the following:

[User({"id": "7b8b4f7d-de27-420f-9cd0-892546cb0f82", "email": "test@test.com", "username": "admin"),
 User({"id": "45e6b641-fe57-4fb2-83d2-2c2bd201efe8", "email": "steve@ex.co", "username": "steve")]

Get User by Email

The get_user_by_email({email}) command finds the user who’s email address matches the submitted {email} field. If no email address matches then the return will be null.

For example, the user steve with the email address steve@ex.co returns the following:


User({"id": "45e6b641-fe57-4fb2-83d2-2c2bd201efe8", "email": "steve@ex.co", "username": "steve")

Activate and Deactivate Users

To remove a user’s access to the Wallaroo instance, use the Wallaroo Client deactivate_user("{User Email Address}) method, replacing the {User Email Address} with the email address of the user to deactivate.

To activate a user, use the Wallaroo Client active_user("{User Email Address}) method, replacing the {User Email Address} with the email address of the user to activate.

This feature impacts Wallaroo Community’s license count. Wallaroo Community only allows a total of 5 users per Wallaroo Community instance. Deactivated users does not count to this total - this allows organizations to add users, then activate/deactivate them as needed to stay under the total number of licensed users count.

Wallaroo Enterprise has no limits on the number of users who can be added or active in a Wallaroo instance.

In this example, the user testuser@wallaroo.ai will be deactivated then reactivated.


[User({"id": "0528f34c-2725-489f-b97b-da0cde02cbd9", "email": "testuser@wallaroo.ai", "username": "testuser@wallaroo.ai"),
 User({"id": "3927b9d3-c279-442c-a3ac-78ba1d2b14d8", "email": "john.hummel+signuptest@wallaroo.ai", "username": "john.hummel+signuptest@wallaroo.ai")]




When a new user logs in for the first time, they get an error when uploading a model or issues when they attempt to log in. How do I correct that?

When a new registered user attempts to upload a model, they may see the following error:

        '$.selectionSet.insert_workspace_one.args.object[0]', 'code': 'not-supported'
        'cannot proceed to insert array relations since insert to table "workspace" affects zero rows'

Or if they log into the Wallaroo Dashboard, they may see a Page not found error.

This is caused when a user has been registered without an appropriate email address. See the user guides here on inviting a user, or the Wallaroo Enterprise User Management on how to log into the Keycloak service and update users. Verify that the username and email address are both the same, and they are valid confirmed email addresses for the user.