Wallaroo API Guide

Reference Guide for the Wallaroo API

The Wallaroo API provides users the ability to commands to a Wallaroo instance via a RCP-like HTTP API interface. This allows organizations to develop applications that can administrate Wallaroo from their own custom applications.

Wallaroo API URLs

Each instance of Wallaroo provides the Wallaroo API specifications through the following URLs. Wallaroo uses the following format for its URLs. For more information, see the DNS Integration Guide.

https://{Wallaroo Prefix}{Service}{Wallaroo Suffix}.

Page URL Description
Wallaroo Instance API URL https://{Wallaroo Prefix}.api.{Wallaroo Suffix}/v1/api Address for the Wallaroo instance’s API. API requests will be submitted to this instance.
Wallaroo Instance API Documentation https://{Wallaroo Prefix}.api.{Wallaroo Suffix}/v1/api/docs A HTML rendered view of the Wallaroo API specification.
Wallaroo Documentation Site https://docs.wallaroo.ai/ Wallaroo Documentation Site
Wallaroo Enterprise Keycloak Service https://{Wallaroo Prefix}.keycloak.{Wallaroo Suffix} Keycloak administration console for managing users and groups. It is recommended not to interfere with this service unless necessary.
Wallaroo Enterprise Token Request URL https://{Wallaroo Prefix}.keycloak.{Wallaroo Enterprise Suffix}/auth/realms/master/protocol/openid-connect/token The Keycloak token retrieval URL.

For example, if the Wallaroo Enterprise Prefix is wallaroo and the suffix is example.com, the URLs would be as follows:

Page Example URL
Wallaroo Instance API URL https://wallaroo.api.example.com/v1/api
Wallaroo Instance API Documentation https://wallaroo.api.example.com/v1/api/docs
Wallaroo Documentation Site https://docs.wallaroo.ai/
Wallaroo Enterprise Keycloak Service https://wallaroo.keycloak.example.com
Wallaroo Token Request URL https://wallaroo.keycloak.example.com/auth/realms/master/protocol/openid-connect/token

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