Wallaroo Developer Guides

Reference Guides for Developers working with Wallaroo

The following guides are made to help users work with Wallaroo workspaces, upload models, set up pipelines and start inferring from data from their own applications using the Wallaroo SDK, API, and other coding examples.

We recommend first time users refer to the Wallaroo Tutorials that walk new users through several different models and ways of creating pipelines.

Supported Model Versions and Libraries

The following ML Model versions and Python libraries are supported by Wallaroo. When using the Wallaroo autoconversion library or working with a local version of the Wallaroo SDK, use the following versions for maximum compatibility.

Library Supported Version
Python 3.8.6 and above
onnx 1.12.0
tensorflow 2.9.1
keras 2.9.0
pytorch Latest stable version. When converting from PyTorch to onnx, verify that the onnx version matches the version above.
sk-learn aka scikit-learn 1.1.2
XGBoost 1.6.2
MLFlow 1.30.0

Wallaroo API Guide

Reference Guide for the Wallaroo API

Wallaroo SDK Guides

Reference Guide for the most essential Wallaroo SDK Commands