September 2022 Product Release Notes

September Release Overview

As we continue to iterate on our core capabilities, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements in our September 2022 product release :

  • Global Taints and Tolerations: Wallaroo pods are installed with a default Kubernetes toleration that can be changed through the Wallaroo Administrative Dashboards. This allows Kubernetes nodes with the matching taints to prevent non-matching pods from being installed into those nodes. When combined with the Install Wallaroo to Specific Nodes guide, this allows organizations to specify what nodes to install Wallaroo pods into while keeping non-Wallaroo pods out.
  • Interactive Analysis on Incoming and Model Output Data: Interactive analysis through scheduled assays provide powerful analysis tools to evaluate incoming data and data output by a model against an established baseline. Organizations can use this to track model draft and take steps to ensure accuracy of inputs to the pipeline inference process and the model’s outputs.
    • Assays can be managed through the Wallaroo SDK through methods available since June 2022.
    • The September 2022 release provides an early access user interface to create assays and view analysis reports through the Wallaroo Pipeline Dashboard.