July 2022 Product Release Notes

July Release Overview

As we continue to iterate on our core capabilities, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements in our July 2022 product release:

  • Kubernetes 1.22 Support:
    • Kubernetes version 1.22 now the preferred version for versions of Wallaroo released after the July 2022 release (code name Simca) and beyond.
  • Shadow Deployments Updates:
    • Wallaroo’s shadow deployments, used for A/B Testing or parallel deployments, now include the challenger models’ outputs as part of the InferenceResult object.
    • Logging is updated to display both regular logs that include only the champion models, and shadow logs that include the shadow deployed model outputs grouped by inputs. These features allow organizations to test and compare different ML models from the same data to pick the that best fits their requirements.
    • For more details, see the blog post https://www.wallaroo.ai/blog/the-what-why-and-how-of-a/b-testing and a sample tutorial demonstrating how to deploy a shadow deployment with multiple challengers and display the results on the Wallaroo Tutorial repository.