Wallaroo.AI Documentation Site

Wallaroo.AI enables AI teams to go from AI prototype to real-world results with incredible efficiency, flexibility, and ease in the cloud or multi-cloud and at the edge.

  • Easy: Allow data scientists and engineers to deploy, serve, observe, and optimize AI in production with minimal effort and via automation.
  • Efficient: Significantly reduce engineering time, delays and inference infrastructure costs while providing high performance inferencing for real-time and batch analysis.
  • Flexible: Easily deploy and manage any model, across a diverse set of target environments and hardware, all within your own secure ecosystem and governance processes.
Wallaroo.AI Components

The Wallaroo.AI Documentation site provides operations, development, and tutorial guides for the Wallaroo.AI Operations Center (Ops) and Wallaroo.AI Inference Server. The following are the most common guides for working with Wallaroo.AI.