Wallaroo Features Tutorials

Tutorials on Wallaroo features.

The following tutorials are created to highlight specific features in Wallaroo.

Hot Swap Models Tutorial

How to swap models in a pipeline step while the pipeline is deployed.

Inference URL Tutorials

How to use the Wallaroo SDK and the Wallaroo MLOps API to perform inferences.

Onnx Deployment with Multi Input-Output Tutorial

How to deploy an ONNX model with multiple inputs and outputs in Wallaroo.

Model Insights Tutorial

How to use Model Insights to monitor the environment and know when to retrain the model based on changes to data.

Pipeline Logs Tutorial

How to retrieve pipeline logs as DataFrame, Apache Arrow tables, and saved to files.

Pipeline Logs MLOps API Tutorial

How to retrieve pipeline logs through the Wallaroo MLOps API.

Statsmodel Forecast with Wallaroo Features

A life cycle with a Statsmodel forecast model from model creation to automation.

Tags Tutorial

How to use create and manage Tags for Wallaroo models and pipelines.

Large Language Model with GPU Pipeline Deployment in Wallaroo Demonstration

A demonstration on allocating GPU resources from a cluster for use by a large language model (LLM).

Simulated Edge Tutorial

The Shadow Deployment Tutorial demonstrates how restrain resources for pipelines to operate in an edge environment.