2023.1 Product Release Notes

2023.1 Release Overview

As we continue to iterate on our core capabilities, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements in our 2023.1:

  • Arrow and DataFrame Inference Input Support: Inferences can be run with inputs either from the Wallaroo proprietary JSON format, Pandas DataFrame, or Apache Arrow inputs, which return the same outputs in kind. This is an optional update; please contact your Wallaroo support representative on how to update your Wallaroo instance to enable Arrow support.
  • Single Node Linux support for Wallaroo Enterprise Installations: Wallaroo Enterprise users can use our Single Node Linux installation guide to host a Wallaroo instance. Our updated guide provides sample templates for major cloud providers to help organizations get Wallaroo running even faster. This is an optional method of installing Wallaroo enterprise.
  • Azure Databricks support: Organizations can leverage their Azure Databricks workspaces and deploy their models to a Wallaroo instance, including using Microsoft Azure as an identity provider for authentication.
  • Amazon Sagemaker Support: AWS Sagemaker users can use the Wallaroo SDK to connect with their Wallaroo instance to deploy models, perform inferences, and other vital tasks. Support for Single Sign On using Amazon AWS allows for seamless authentication across AWS services.