August 2022 Product Release Notes

August Release Overview

As we continue to iterate on our core capabilities, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements in our August 2022 product release:

  • Air Gap Installation Support: Wallaroo Enterprise supports installation into a Kubernetes cluster that is isolated from the public internet. Organizations that need to install Wallaroo into an air gapped environment can contact their Wallaroo support representative to update their Wallaroo Enterprise license for air gap support.
  • Node Containment: Organizations can install Wallaroo into specific nodes in a Kubernetes cluster.
    • This update allows organizations to tag specific nodes for Wallaroo use, while using other nodes in their cluster for other services.
  • Kots 1.81 support: Wallaroo now supports Kots 1.81 for versions after the August 2022 release (code name Mustang) and beyond.
    • kots 1.70.1 is preferred for versions of Wallaroo before the August 2022 release.