Wallaroo Enterprise User Management Troubleshooting

How to manage correct common user issues.

When a new user logs in for the first time, they get an error when uploading a model or issues when they attempt to log in. How do I correct that?

When a new registered user attempts to upload a model, they may see the following error:

        '$.selectionSet.insert_workspace_one.args.object[0]', 'code': 'not-supported'
        'cannot proceed to insert array relations since insert to table "workspace" affects zero rows'

Or if they log into the Wallaroo Dashboard, they may see a Page not found error.

This is caused when a user has been registered without an appropriate email address. See the user guides here on inviting a user, or the Wallaroo Enterprise User Management on how to log into the Keycloak service and update users. Verify that the username and email address are both the same, and they are valid confirmed email addresses for the user.