Wallaroo Instance Backup and Restore with Velero

How to backup a Wallaroo instance and restore it using Velero

One method of Wallaroo backup and restores is through the Velero application. This application provides a method of storing snapshots of the Wallaroo installation, including deployed pipelines, user settings, log files, etc., which can be retrieved and restored at a later date.

For full details and setup procedures, see the Velero Documentation. The installation steps below are intended as short guides.

The following procedures are for Wallaroo Enterprise installed via kots or helm in the cloud services listed below. These procedures are not tested for other environments.


  • A Wallaroo Enterprise instance
  • A client connected to the Kubernetes environment hosting the Wallaroo instance running the velero client.
  • Kubernetes cloud storage, such as:
    • Azure Storage Container
    • Google Cloud Storage (GCS) Bucket
    • AWS S3 Bucket

Velero contains both a client and a Kubernetes service that is used to manage backups and restores.

Client Install

The Velero client supports MacOS and Linux. Windows support is available but not officially supported. The following steps are based on the Velero CLI installation procedure.

MacOS Install

Velero is available on MacOS through the Homebrew project. With Homebrew installed, Velero is installed with the following command:

brew install velero

Linux Install

Velero is available through a tarball installation through the Velero releases page. Once downloaded, expand the tar.gz file and place the velero executable into an executable path directory.

Velero Kubernetes Install

The Velero service runs in the same Kubernetes environment where the Wallaroo instance is installed. Before installation, storage known as a bucket must be made available for the Velero service to place the backup files.

The following shows basic steps on creating the storage containers used for each major cloud service. Organizations are encourage to use these steps with the official Velero instructions, available from the links within each cloud provider section below.

Velero AWS Cluster Installation

How to set up Velero with a AWS Kubernetes cluster

Velero Azure Cluster Installation

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Velero GCP Cluster Installation

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Wallaroo Backup and Restore with Velero Guide

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