Wallaroo MLOps API Essentials Guide: Enablement Management

How to use the Wallaroo API for Enablement Management

Enablement Management

Enablement Management allows users to see what Wallaroo features have been activated.

List Enablement Features

Lists the enablement features for the Wallaroo instance.

    • null: An empty set {}
    • features - (string): Enabled features.
    • name - (string): Name of the Wallaroo instance.
    • is_auth_enabled - (bool): Whether authentication is enabled.
# List enablement features
# Retrieve the token 
headers = wl.auth.auth_header()
api_request = f"{APIURL}/v1/api/features/list"

data = {

response = requests.post(api_request, json=data, headers=headers, verify=True).json()
{'features': {'plateau': 'true'},
 'name': 'Wallaroo Dev',
 'is_auth_enabled': True}